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Glider Air Pink

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Introducing the Yvolution Glider Air — a scooter that brings stability, fun, and skill development to young riders!

Yvolution glider air kids scooter in pink
Yvolution glider air kids scooter in yellow
Yvolution glider air kids scooter in green


Enhance their scooter skills with maximum fun.

The Yvolution Glider Air scooter is perfect for kids who are looking to enhance their scooter skills with maximum fun, smooth ride and control. Crafted for enjoyment and ease of use, the Glider Air is perfect for kids seeking a smooth ride with control. Its adjustable handlebar and easy folding mechanism ensure effortless storage, catering to families on the move...

Featuring a stable three-wheel design, the Yvolution Glider Air offers a smoother and easier ride for young adventurers while aiding in the development of crucial motor skills. Equipped with high-performance wheels, this scooter delivers a fast and seamless ride that toddlers will love.

But that's not all—get ready to elevate their riding experience with lean-to-steer technology. This innovative feature enhances balance and coordination by intuitively steering in the direction the child leans, creating an engaging and interactive journey.

Convenience meets versatility with the Yvolution Glider Air's foldable and adjustable design. The handlebar easily folds down for effortless transport and compact storage, while adjustable settings ensure a perfect fit for kids aged 3 to 8 years or up to 110lbs/50kg.

And let's not forget about safety! With eye-catching LED front wheels providing enhanced visibility, and a rear foot brake for added control and efficient stopping power, parents can rest assured their little ones are riding with both style and safety in mind.

Don't miss out on the excitement—bring home the Yvolution Glider Air and watch your child's confidence and joy soar with every ride!

Yvolution glider air kids scooter in pink logo
Yvolution glider air kids scooter in pink
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