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  • What is in the box
    1 x Charger box with country specific plug 1 x left grip assembly 1 x Right grip assembly 1 x Paper instruction manual 1 x M2 allen key 2 x M2 grub screws 1 x M3 allen key
  • How fast will it go?
    The maximum speed is 25kmh/15.5mph when in mode #3
  • How far can I go on a single charge?  
    Up to 25km/15.5miles* (*depending on riding conditions and riding style) {25km was reached in lab conditions, in a climate controlled environment with a statict load applied}
  • What kind of tyres are on it?
    Puncture proof rubber tyre. Never worry about getting a flat again!
  • Has it got different speed settings?
    Yes indeed, there are 3 speed settings. You can select your speed setting by double tapping the power button. The setting number will be visible on the screen.01 = Walking speed 6kmh/3.7mph, 02 = 18kmh/11.2mph, 03 = Max speed 25kmh/15.5mph
  • Has it got suspension?
    Not in the traditional sense but The YES incorporates our custom Flexxpress technology which comprises a floating wooden deck which helps cushion bumps in the road as it flexes under load. The EVA grips also dampen shocks which would pass through the wrists with standard grips.
  • What type of wood is the deck made of?
    Laminated maple, like a skateboard
  • What is the frame made of?
    Tubular steel
  • Do the lights stay on permanently?
    You can turn the lights on by pressing the power button once after the scooter is turned on, press it once again to turn them off
  • Can I change the speed from kilometers to miles?
    Yes, press the power button 3 times to swap from KM to miles or vice versa.
  • Is the battery removable?
    No, I'm afraid not
  • Can it fold? 
    Yes it can
  • Do you sell replacement cream tires
    No, the tires are not currently available. We advise going to a local scooter seller who may offer replacement tires if you want to change them.
  • What happens if I go up a hill steeper than 14% (8 degrees)?
    You will notice that the speed may reduce and on steeper inclines the scooter may come to a stop. You can help the scooter on these inclines by using 1 foot to kick along as you would on a standard push scooter
  • Can I bring it on an aeroplane
    No, the battery cannot be removed so it cannot be taken on a plane
  • What brakes does it have?
    The YES includes a handlebar mounted electronic brake which applies braking force to the front wheel. there is also a rear foot brake which can be applied by standing on the rear fender. When you stand on the rear foot brake, the electronic brake on the front wheel will also engage, so for ultime control we recommend using both brakes in tandon.
  • Is it front wheel or rear wheel drive?
    Front wheel drive for more control on slippy surfaces
  • Can I adjust the flex in the deck?
    No, currently we do not offer different hardness in the bushing
  • Is the handlebar height adjustable
    No, It is a 1 size fits most height
  • Can I adjust the light brightness or angle
    No, the light brightness and angle is fixed
  • What are the 2 screws on the front of the stem for?
    These are standard bike accessory mounting holes for items like a lock, water bottle rack etc for you to choose and use as you wish.
  • What are the 2 screws on the frame near the deck for?
    These are for our custom design deck storage accessory - see on our website for availability
  • Is the wood sourced from a sustainably forest
    unknown currently
  • How waterproof is the scooter?
    The YES is IPX4 rated. An IPX4 designated product will be protected against moisture, condensation, and exposure to the elements such as rain. Weatherproof means the light has been tested to resist splashing water on all sides. The test duration is five minutes, with 10 liters of water splashing the scooter per minute.
  • If my friend and I weigh less than 100kg combined, will this affect the performance
    The scooter is for 1 person only, please do not ride in tandom as you may be breaking local laws
  • Will a standard grip fit the scooter
    the handlebar is a 22mm bar and will suit most off shelf grips
  • I want to change the hand grips, how can I remove the current grips?
    If removing the grips, it is best to do so when attached to the scooter so you can get a good grip on parts as you will need to pull them off. First pull out the rubber end cap, then the first rubber ring, the foam grip may be harder to pull off but can be cut off if you are not planning on using it again, then remove the last rubber ring. A new grip designed to fit a 22mm bar will fit .
  • What is the second, lower hook on the handlebar for?
    This is a hanging hook for your shopping bag for example. The height can be slightly adjusted or you can remove it if you do not want it
  • When I carry the scooter the second lower hook is in the way and uncomfortable, can I remove it or it must stay?
    You can remove this hook if you wish without affecting the ride performance.
  • I think the tires are on backwards as the arrows on the side of the tire are directing anticlockwise
    These arrows are aesthetic only and not indicating the correct direction of the tire.Once the tire thread is pointing forward, you can be sure the tire is the correctly mounted.
  • How do you control its speed?
    First set your max speed setting, of which there are 3 (you can list the mode settings), then push off and accelerate pushing on the handlebar mounted accelerator and slow by releasing it or by applying the handlebar or fender brake.
  • Must you travel at least 3.7mph?
    No, once the motor is active, you can travel slower than 3.7mph however the ride may become more unstable and harder to control. The scooter gets more stable with a little more speed, similar to a bicycle.
  • What’s the slowest it will go?
    We have not officially tested it for the slowest speed possible but as mentioned previously, the slower you go the more unstable and difficult it is to stay balanced on it. But it will go as slow as 1-2mph through careful application of the accelerator without cutting off.
  • what’s the process to get it started moving?
    The scooter needs to be moving faster than 1.8mph for the motor to turn on, it will not start from a stopped position. You need to start moving like a ordinary kick scooter and then apply pressure to the accelerator. If you are in speed mode 1, the speed will be limited to a maximum of 3.7mph. This is considered walking speed. To stay under 3mph you will have to control the pressure on the accelerator. If you press it fully and hold it there, it will go to 3.7, so you must control the inputs on the accelerator.
  • do the wheels turn if you are walk along side or must you carry it if you are not riding?
    The wheels will roll freely so there is no need to carry the scooter when you are not using it. We do recommend turning off the power when not using it. This will help save the battery and prevent accidental application of the accelerator.
  • Where is my order?
    Orders are placed with our warehouse and are typically dispatched the day after your order. Delivery times will vary based on shipping address and preferences, but it could take up to 7 business days for delivery. For more details about your order please contact Don’t forget to include your order number.
  • How do I return my order?
    If you would like to return your Yvolution product, visit our Exchange & Returns section or contact our dedicated customer services team at for more information.
  • How do process my payments?
    Payments on are processed using Stripe payments. Yvolution does not have access to credit card details. All major credit cards are accepted by Stripe, but if you have any trouble purchasing, contact us at
  • The Yvolution product I am looking for is out of stock, when will you have it back again?
    Please keep checking back regularly on our website as we frequently update our stock levels. Alternatively, please contact us directly and we would be happy to help!
  • How long is the delivery time?
    We deliver within the following time frames: USA: 1-5 days All depending on the method of shipment chosen.
  • My items are damaged, what should I do?
    Please get in touch with our support team via Livechat or email
  • Can your Yvolution scooters be folded for travel?
    When you can take your children’s scooters with you when you travel, you’ll expand the world they can explore. Many of our Yvolution scooters are foldable, making them easy to transport by car and plan. Our foldable scooters include the Y Glider Kiwi Yes, Y Glider Nua Yes, Y Fliker C5 Yes, Y Fliker Lift Yes, Y Fliker C3 Yes, Y Fliker A1 Yes, Y Fliker A3 Yes, and the Neon Fliker DLX Yes.
  • Can I return my Yvolution scooter if I’m unsatisfied with my purchase?
    We understand that not every one of our products is right for every child. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, or perhaps the scooter that you’ve bought is too old or too young for your child, then you can return it to us for a refund. Please note that returns must be made within 30 days of purchase to ensure that you receive a refund for your product.
  • Do your Yvolution scooters come with a warranty?
    While every care goes into the design and manufacture of our products, we know that mistakes can happen. To put your mind at ease, all our products come with a warranty. The length of the warranty is dependent on your country – for our US customers it is one year, and for our UK customers, it is two years. For more information on our products, warranties, and returns, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.
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