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yvolution velo pro balance bike in black
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Velo Pro Black

average rating is 4 out of 5

The ultimate off-road companion for adventurous kiddos!

Crafted with a super lightweight frame and all-terrain tires, this balance bike is built for epic outdoor adventures.

yvolution kids balance bike velo pro in white
yvolution velo pro in black


Get ready for a wild ride with our Yvolution Velo Pro!

Crafted with a feather-light frame, this balance bike is your ticket to outdoor adventures. With its special 12’’ pneumatic COMPASS 30 TPI LITE tires, it's ready to conquer any terrain with ease, ensuring a smooth and comfy ride every time!

Ideal for little thrill-seekers aged 3 and up, the Velo Pro is more than just a bike—it's a skill-building machine! Watch as your kiddo masters the art of scooting, steering, and balancing like a pro. Plus, with adjustable handlebars and seat, it grows with your child, assuring long-term usability and value for families.

Portable, plush, and packed with potential, the Yvolution Velo Pro is the ultimate blend of durability and delight. Don't wait any longer—let the Y Velo Pro kickstart your child's journey to two-wheeled greatness today.

Yvolution Velo Pro EBC
Yvolution Velo Pro EBC
Yvolution Velo Pro EBC 7
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