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Yvolution fliker pro drift scooter
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Fliker Pro

average rating is 4 out of 5

Outstanding control and extreme speed

Experience the thrill of the original Y Fliker, now upgraded to the Pro level! Yvolution just created the ultimate FLIKER with our patent pending FLEX TECHNOLOGY system to give users the sensation of skiing on the street. Flexing footplates connect the body with the Fliker Pro through the feet, resulting in outstanding control and extreme speed.


Carve and drift into turns like never before. Move faster, turn tighter!

The Fliker Pro is our ultimate three-wheeled self-propelling drift scooter, designed to allow kids to get up to speed by simply swaying from side to side without ever touching the ground. A leap in performance.

Perfect for smooth drifting and freestyle carving, the flexible footplates link the rider's body directly to the Fliker Pro via their feet, providing outstanding control and giving riders the sensation of skiing on the street for a whole new riding experience.

The best-selling wiggle scooter in the market, our Fliker Pro is easily foldable and boasts a hand-braking system for enhanced control.

Experience the thrill like never before with the Fliker Pro - your ultimate ride for speed, control, and excitement!

Yvolution Fliker Pro wiggle scooter
Yvolution fliker pro kids on scooter
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