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Yvolution my buddy wheels horse plush balance bike

Plush Balance Bike

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Our balance bike isn't just a bike – it's a fantastical journey of imagination for toddlers. Riding alongside their plush unicorn, dinosaur, or horse buddy, kids embark on thrilling adventures while honing essential cycling skills like balance, speed, and strength.


My Buddy Wheels presents a one-of-a-kind and exquisitely crafted balance bicycle tailored for children aged 2. It merges the concept of a balance bike with a soft, lovable companion to enhance the thrill and allure of the adventure for your child's cycling journey!   
Our trio of plush Buddies serve as cherished companions, accompanying children every step of the way as they acquire the foundational skills necessary for a lifelong cycling passion.   
My Buddy Wheels' plush Buddies are not only washable but also easily detachable, ensuring they remain by your child's side throughout any expedition they embark upon!   
Whether they're mounting their friendly dinosaur or trotting alongside their horse or unicorn, My Buddy Wheels captures toddlers' imaginations like no other, transforming the traditionally daunting endeavor of learning to ride a bike into an exhilarating experience. Encourage their boundless creativity and exploration on their escapades with My Buddy Wheels!

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