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Fliker A1 Pink

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Get set to cruise in style with the Original Fliker A1, the first-ever three-wheeled scooter from Yvolution! It's the ultimate ride for adventurous kids, so zip around and watch heads turn wherever you go. Let the good times roll with Yvolution!

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Yvolution A1 Fliker pink


Introducing the Original Fliker A1 – the ultimate ride for adventurous kids aged 5-8! Say goodbye to pushing and hello to hip-wiggling fun as they propel themselves forward with ease. With its unique design, kicking the pavement is a thing of the past!

But safety always comes first at Yvolution. That's why the Fliker A1 is built with a secure and improved footplate, along with quick-response brakes, giving kids more control and confidence while they ride. Whether they need to stop suddenly or execute daring maneuvers, this scooter responds effortlessly.

And let's talk about those durable Polyurethane (PU) wheels! Perfect for mastering tricks and enjoying a smooth ride, they set the stage for endless scooter adventures. Plus, with its foldable frame, the Original Fliker A1 is travel-friendly.

So, if you're looking to gift your kids the thrill of smooth drifting, stunts, and skills, the Y Fliker A1 is the perfect choice. Get ready to be amazed as they master new tricks and take their scooter game to the next level with Yvolution's original Y Fliker A1 Air wiggle-scooter!

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