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Say hello to our lightweight champ: the scooter that's a breeze to cruise!

Yvolution glider kiwi kids scooter in blue
Yvolution glider kiwi kids scooter in green
Yvolution glider kiwi kids scooter in pink
Yvolution glider kiwi kids scooter in red


Glider Kiwi: your kiddo's ticket to endless adventure!

Designed with little thrill-seekers in mind, get ready to take playtime to the next level. This feather-light scooter is the ultimate fun machine for kids aged 3 and up. First up, let's highlight comfort and control. With easy-grip handlebars and ergonomic grips specially crafted for tiny hands, your child will feel like a pro from the start.

Plus, get ready to add some easy control to their ride with the Y Glider Kiwi's lean-to-steer mechanism, and a beautiful style with its featured super bright LED wheels. Whether they're cruising down the block or lighting up the sidewalk.

But wait, there's more! Consider its extra wide deck for side-by-side foot placement and its wide rear foot brake for quick-stop.

Plus, with its easy folding system, the Glider Kiwi is perfect for transport and storage, ensuring adventure is always within reach. Don't miss out on the fun—grab your Y Glider Kiwi today and watch your child's imagination soar!

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