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Neon Combo Green Pair Quad
Yvolution Product Logos Neon Combo Skates

Combo Skates 2N1 Green

average rating is 4 out of 5

The NEON 2N1 Combo Skates brings the best of both worlds.

Get ready for double the fun with the NEON Skates! Switch between Inline and Quads seamlessly and watch them light up as you move – no batteries needed! Plus, they're built to last with adjustable sizing for the perfect fit!

Yvolution kids combo skates in green and pink
Yvolution kids combo skates in green and black
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Neon Inline Cyber Teal Pair
Yvolution kids combo skates in black and pink
Yvolution kids combo skates in pink
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Where versatility meets style and excitement!

Our Combo Skates are the ultimate blend of style, safety, and pure fun! Say goodbye to cramped toes and hello to skating adventures that fit just right! With adjustable sizing available in two cool ranges (12-2 and 3-6 US size), finding your perfect fit is as easy as pressing a button.

As safety comes first with our skates, we designed them with a triple protection system to keep you rolling with confidence. From sturdy velcro straps to high-strength buckles and secure laces, we've got you covered. Plus, in the Inline mode, our Combo Skates feature a convenient heel brake, while in Quad mode, you'll find a toe stop for added control.

As you know, the fun doesn't stop there. Enjoy the Neon automatic lighting system and get ready to glow as you go and add a pop of colour to every roll. No batteries are required.

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