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kids trike in green

Velo Trike Green

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Introducing our innovative 2-in-1 Kids Trike! Inspired by classic trikes, with a modern twist, this versatile trike seamlessly converts from Trike mode to Balance Trainer mode, offering endless fun and developmental benefits for your little one.

velo trike in green
kids trike in orange


Meet our 2in1 Velo Trike: An exciting tricycle riding experience for endless outdoor adventure and fun.

Inspired by classic trikes and refreshed with a modern twist, our Yvolution Trike is all about versatility, comfort, and innovation.

Featuring 2 modes, it has been designed to provide young kids with 2 ways of learning.

In the Trike mode, children enjoy the classic tricycle riding experience. As they pedal forward and develop essential steering skills that will accompany them on their cycling journey.

The transition to Balance Trainer mode is hassle-free for parents. At the press of a button, the back wheels spin within the rear fork while the pedals are detached, unveiling our Balance Trainer mode. In this setting, kids can walk beside the bike, adapting to decreased balance, and laying the foundation for mastering the skill of balance biking.

For a seamless riding experience for kids and parents, the Yvolution 2in1 Trike features a low-slung frame for easy access, small-diameter barrel grips for small hands, and a tool-free mode adjustment.

The amazing features don’t stop there. Safety during playtime is our top priority, which is why we've incorporated soft surfaces and hidden hardware into the wheel frame. These features not only provide added protection against bumps and scrapes but also give parents peace of mind.

For enhanced comfort, durability, and additional functionality, we included an extra-long, oversized adjustable seat and handlebar, and pedal storage under the seat, ensuring a fun and practical ride.

It’s time for them to foster an outdoor exploration while building confidence in the world of wheels.

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