Heard about them and seen the crazy YouTube videos, but still not sure exactly what the difference is between a Y Fliker and a regular scooter? Let’s shine a light on the new scooter that everyone is talking about. Here we review three of our award-winning Y Fliker scooters (Y Fliker A1, Y Fliker C1, Y Fliker A3, Y Fliker C3, Y Fliker LIFT and Y Fliker C5) to see how they stack up – and, most importantly, find out which is the best ride for your child. First, what is a Y Fliker scooter?

Good question! Up until recently, they didn’t even exist. We wanted to create a scooter that was fun to ride, provided a workout for the whole body (not just tiring out your legs), and was completely unlike any other ride out there. The result was the first Y Fliker, an innovative three-wheeled scooter that won us awards and respect from every kid in the playground.

The idea is simple. We designed a lightweight “Y” frame scooter where kids shift their weight from side to side to propel forward. No more kicking the pavement – just twist the hips and go. Our patent-pending LIFT technology allows kids to wheelie forwards and even sideways… not to mention pulling off other mind-blowing tricks, scorching-hot drifts and insane carving. Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s get down to the details and look at what makes each Y Fliker a must-ride experience.

Quick Comparison

Y Fliker A1

Why choose one?

· For children aged 5 years+.

· Ideal first Y Fliker – easy to control and fun to ride.

· Handlebars fold down for portability and storage.

‘Safe’ and ‘easy to ride’ no longer mean ‘boring’. The Y Fliker A1 is a top pick for anyone new to the world of scooters or looking to progress from regular kick scooters. The motion of moving their hips from side to side gives kids a great workout and opens up new skills like drifting, carving, and leaving others behind in the dust. It’s a completely different way of riding that offers continuous challenges depending on their skill level – watch them go from learning how to ride a scooter to mastering all those tricks in no time!

The Y Fliker A1 comes with durable caster wheels, a quick-response brake and chunky footplates for effortlessly drifting around town. Parents will also be pleased to know that the handlebars fold down for storage at home – no more cluttered hallway!

In summary: This is one of the best Y Flikers for beginners and younger riders. It ticks loads of boxes for control and ease of riding, without taking the edge off an otherwise hair-raising ride! If your child has only ever ridden a regular scooter, they’ll love the feeling of riding a Y Fliker.

Y Fliker A3

Why choose one?

· For children aged 7 years+.

· Designed for freestyle carving and drifting

· Twist & Stow handlebars for travel-ready fun

Looking for something bigger and faster? We’ve upped the fun with the Y Fliker A3, gearing this scooter up for even more drifting and carving action. This kid-powered ride works in the same way as the A1, giving kids a total body workout as they shift their weight from side to side and propel forward.

The Y Fliker A3 comes with a reinforced larger frame and high-grip footplates, making this a smooth ride that can keep up with even the most daring kids. It’s kitted out with a quick-response brake for ultimate control, and a Twist & Stow handlebar system that quickly folds down for storage at home or for use on the go. Ideal for weekend blasts, family adventures and tearing up the school run. This lightweight Y Fliker is one of our most popular Y Flikers for a good reason!

In summary: The top pick for older kids (7 years+) who want to move beyond the limits of a regular scooter and learn some tricks. The larger frame size makes this a smooth, fast ride – drifting and carving has never been so easy. Ideal for longer trips (and pulling the odd stunt)!

Y Fliker C3

Why choose one?

· For children aged 7 years+.

· FLEX technology for longer rolling wheelies!

· Twist & Stow handlebars for portability and storage.

· 360-degree spins and huge sideways drifts!

The next step up for wheelies! The FLEX technology in the Y Fliker C3 makes it easier than ever to pop rolling wheelies on the go. The three-wheeled design operates in the same way as other Flikers, allowing kids to blast up to a top speed of around 25 km/h by moving their hips from side to side.

Responsive and incredibly agile, the Y Fliker C3 lets riders simply lean back and pull on the handlebars to lift the front wheel. Featuring ‘performance’ industrial caster wheels and reinforced steel tubing, this is an adrenaline-packed ride that will withstand powerful carving and 360-degree drifts. There’s even a quick-response brake for changing direction and emergency stops. More stable than a regular two-wheeled scooter, the Y Fliker C3 folds down for transporting in the back of the car and storing in the garage (for those rare times it’s not in use)!

In summary: The Y Fliker C3 is a great way to learn the secret art of the rolling wheelie. FLEX technology makes this scooter a great all-rounder, whether its racing friends around the block or tackling the school run. With a quick-response brake for ultimate control and on-demand spins, there’s a lot to love about the C3. 

Y Fliker LIFT

Why choose one?

· For children aged 7 years+.

· Insane stunts (think sideways wheelies)!

· Twist & Stow handlebars for portability and storage.

· Angled 360-degree spinning handlebars for lots of fun!

The ultimate Y Fliker! If you’re after an insanely cool ride that will push the absolute limits of what’s possible on a three-wheeled kids’ scooter, the Y Fliker LIFT is a no-brainer. Everything about the Y Fliker LIFT is designed for one thing only – maximum fun. The frame is incredibly lightweight, the handlebars are angled for freestyle riding and spinning tricks, and the wide foot plates are set up for increased grip when riding to the limit. Get up to top speed by shifting your weight from side to side, then simply LIFT the handlebars to pull epic wheelies that feel like they’re never going to end! This patent-pending LIFT system allows kids to safely pull wheelies going forwards (and even sideways!!!) without ever tipping back too far. There’s even a quick-response rear brake for coming to a skidding stop. The Y Fliker LIFT is one of our most exciting three-wheeled scooters ever released!

In summary: Our flagship Y Fliker for kids (7 years+) who want the best. The aggressive styling and stunt-focused geometry combined with our unique patent-pending LIFT technology makes this a wheelie monster. Perfect for kids who run on adrenaline and outdoor fun! 

Y Fliker C5

Why choose one?

· For children aged 9 years+.

· The EXTREME stunt Fliker for carving

· Twist & Stow handlebars for portability and storage.

· 360-degree carving and mega power spins!

The next king of the skatepark? The Y Fliker C5 is one of our most extreme stunt Flikers, designed for kids of nine years old. This ride is neck and neck with the Y Fliker LIFT, both battling it out to take the top spot in the playground. Each scooter pushes the fun level to the max, guaranteed to create ear-to-ear smiles.

Featuring the FLEX technology that is used across the Carver Series the Y Fliker C5 makes light work of power carving and 360-degree spins, turning open spaces into one huge opportunity to show off. The endless spins and drifts create a multi-directional riding experience where kids can spin around corners, snake around obstacles at the last minute, kick the back out and push the limits of what’s possible on three wheels. The quick-response brake and reinforced frame make for a smoother ride that’s well-mannered for the school run (but insane fun out of hours)!

In summary: Our most advanced Y Fliker from the Carver Series (for kids 9+). The FLEX technology makes this a top choice for long sweeping drifts and fast carving. If you want a scooter for mastering regular riding at speed and skilful 360-degree spins on the move, the Y Fliker C5 is up to the challenge.