You may thing of a scooter as a beloved activity from your childhood rather than a staple of adulthood.

And yet with the growing popularity of electronic models, the audience for these products is not only increasing, but their average age is on the rise too.

We’ve talked about the wide-ranging benefits of e-scooter in previous blogs, but if you’re looking for an adult e-scooter, your best pick may depend on what you’re looking for.

We take a look at some of the most popular reasons adults are turning to e-scooters and what to look for if you’re investing in one.



First question – what do you want from your e-scooter?

Are you looking for a fast way to travel? Perhaps speeding up your trips to the store or even adding a little pizzazz to your daily work commute?

You’ll need a model with a reliable battery life that will cover you for short distance journeys, as well as something that can be easily recharged.

Depending on where you’re going, you may also need a little storage – such as a   – to help you carry your shopping, supplies and anything else you may need.



An e-scooter has a number of practical benefits, but like any physical activity, it can also be a hobby to pass the time and clear your mind.

In that case, you’ll need excellent safety features to enjoy your e-scooter at any time. These may include built-in lighting to keep you visible in poorly-lit areas and durability to keep your e-scooter fit and functioning.

If you’re investing in one of these, you want something built to last!



Admit it – there’s just something undeniably suave about the modern e-scooter.

The combo of classic and contemporary is far beyond a fashion accessory, but it doesn’t hurt to have a model that looks good!

And just like a retro scooter, these transport tools are available in a range of colours to suit your personal style. Sleek, chic designs that don’t compromise on quality are in high demand and while it may not be the top of your priority list, there’s no reason you should have to choose between the two.


So which e-scooter do I choose?

We produce a range of electric scooters for kids and adults alike. But the Yvolution YES E-Scooter model is designed to be versatile, enduring and enjoyable.

Discover a new way to travel and start your next adventure with an e-scooter.