The YES electric scooter was created to break up the cycle of poorly lit grey/black scooters on the market. We took a fresh approach with vibrancy, visibility, safety, comfort, and touch of nostalgia being the core considerations of the design, says Colm Marum, the lead industrial product designer of the project.

Packed with the best comfort and safety features, our revolutionary YES design has redefined comfort, performance, and style for e-Scooter riders, while reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.

An e-Scooter like you have never seen before.

Safety is at the core of our e-Scooter design and we took into account customer feedback regarding safety features and comfort.


The YES comes with an advanced lighting system to maximise visibility and safety on your commute. With 5 points of light illuminating the road ahead and increasing your visibility to oncoming traffic in low light conditions.

Deck size

We designed a wide wood deck 180mm wide (7.1 inches) to make sure you can comfortably stand with both feet side by side.


For easier transportation and parking the YES includes a wide kickstand and a folding frame 

Flexxpress Suspension Deck for a smoother journey

Our floating wooden deck has an innovative Flexxpress technology that absorbs bumps and shocks.

With its 8.5 inches puncture proof tire and anti-vibration handgrips, the YES e-Scooter is here to guarantee you the smoothest ride, giving you the feeling of riding on clouds. 

Bring back the retro vibe

For added throwback vibes, the YES comes complete with a beautifully retro front round headlight. 

Unique colorways

YES comes in 5 color options: Night Sky, Aquamarine, Rose, Frost, and Nero.

Board Basket Accessory

We have brought versatility and functionality to the details of our YES project! The deck storage accessory – YES board basket was designed to be attached to the YES electric scooter deck. The curved plywood comes with an adjustable bungee cord which can accommodate many different sized items.

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