The electric scooter is a fairly new invention.

Having been on the market for just a few decades, these creative devices are nevertheless growing in popularity.

Since its introduction, contenders have entered the field, and the Yvolution YES Scooter is an award-winning model offering style and sophistication like no other.

The YES e-scooter is suited for a range of purposes, and for short-distance trips it’s a fantastic way to travel faster and save time and money. We’ve previously explored the benefits of owning an e-scooter on this blog, but with this tool rising in popularity for commuters, these are just a few ways the YES can transform your journey to work.

Avoid the crowds

No one likes to be crammed into a tightly packed train in the morning.

Those early commutes can wreak havoc on our mood, with both public transport and car commuters prone to a host of health risks including reduced physical activity and higher stress levels.

But with an e-scooter, you’ll manage to avoid those crammed train carriages and cancelled buses in favour of a far more reliable alternative that offers both speed and space.


Spend less

The running costs of an e-scooter are estimated to be just one percent of those expended by running a car. Rechargeable and competitively priced, the YES provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive road vehicles, meaning that your electric scooter is an investment that will last long term.

A practical mode of transport

Our e-scooter is highly practical in more ways than one. Its light, compact design is easy to fold and transport for longer journeys where your scooter may not take you all the way.

And with the Yvolve YES deck extender , anything you need to bring with you to work or on the go can be safely carried.

Focus your mind

Riding an e-scooter can be a great form of low-intensity exercise.

And studies show that this can have significant benefits for your mental wellbeing, as well as your physical health.

Exercising early in the morning offers a chance to clear your mind and minimise stress, leading to better decision-making throughout the day and providing a boost to your productivity.


Have more fun!

By far the best argument for the e-scooter is the enjoyment you’ll get from riding it across town.

It’s less strenuous than, say, riding a bike. But with maximum speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, the YES scooter offers a light but exhilarating ride that will appeal to your inner child – all in one stylish package!

Reconsidering your commute? An e-scooter could be just what you’re looking for.