For kids, picking out a new scooter is great fun. It’s basically about running up to the scooter that has the brightest colors or the one that looks like it’s capable of the coolest tricks. As a parent, a little more thought has to go into the choice. Is the scooter going to be suitable for your kid’s abilities? Will it be safe for them to ride? Are they going to outgrow it too quickly?

So, we thought we’d lend a helping hand and provide you with a guide to our Y Glider XL scooter. Our multi-stage, three-wheeled scooters are suitable for beginners through to pros, and steer by leaning rather than turning the handlebars. Here’s what you need to know!. If this sounds like you, the Y Glider Deluxe will not disappoint.

5 reasons to buy a Y Glider XL

Y Glider Deluxe features
  • The Y Glider XL the perfect scooter for kids aged 5+
  • Deck and wheel inserts can be customised to add personality
  • Lean-to-steer systems promoted physical development
  • Scooter evolves to challenge them as they gain confidence
  • Ideal for the school run and longer adventures at the weekend

The benefits of the Y Glider XL

Y Glider XL colors

Y Gliders are a totally different experience to riding a regular scooter. These three-wheel scooters feature a patented ‘Learn, Grow, Pro’ lean-to-steer technology, teaching kids to balance and allowing them to glide effortlessly without toppling over. This unique steering system even has an adjustable lean angle, giving you three sensitivity options to suit their age and experience. This means that Y Gliders evolve with your child as they grow, continuing to develop their gross motor skills, spatial awareness and coordination until they become a pro. Plus, most kids find them much easier to ride than a regular kick scooter. No more worrying about them growing up to fast ­– this is a ride they can enjoy for years!

Choosing the best size

The Y Glider XL model is suitable for kids aged five and above. As your child grows, the height of the handlebars and the lean of the scooter can quickly and easily be adjusted to their size (the handlebars can be adjusted from 77cm to 88cm). If your child is younger than five and wants to start scooting for the first time, you could always check out the Y Glider 3in1, the Y Glider Air or the Y Glider Deluxe, which are all safe and fun entry-level gliders for kids aged three and over.

Safety features

All our Y Gliders are designed with your kid’s safety in mind. The innovative three-wheeled design is to make sure kids don’t have to worry about balance when they’re zipping along – something that can often be an issue on standard two-wheeled scooters. The Y Glider XL also has an extra-wide deck that gives kids loads of space to play with balance and feel nice and stable as they zoom around. The rear brake makes it super easy for your kid to scoot to a stop, while the durable polyurethane wheels mean that the scooter will be safe and fun to use for years to come. Of course, they still need to wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads for protection, but that’s the same for any scooter: even pro scooter riders wear them!

Make it your own

Y Glider XL Deck colours

Kids love adding their own personal touches to things (if you ever pasted posters all over your bedroom wall when you were younger, you’ll know what we’re talking about). One awesome feature of the Y Glider XL is that you can click out the colored parts of the wheel inserts and deck, allowing them to change the color of their ride whenever they want! This is a really great way for kids to explore their own sense of style and match their scooter to their outfit.

Setting up the scooter

You can put a Y Glider XL together in less time than it would take you to make a coffee. It’s super quick because it’s pre-assembled. All you have to do is click the scooter into place, and then adjust the height of the handlebars and sensitivity of the steering depending on your child’s age and skill level. It really is as easy as that!