The need to come together and cooperate has never been stronger. With all the issues that the world has been facing - and will come to face even more in the future - people need to stick together to try and figure out any solutions.

You might be wondering what that has to do with the theme of our brand. Well, we learn the basic skills of coexistence - for lack of a better word - when we are little, and many different stimuli add to those skills. Children need to interact in a free setting to be able to learn how to work together. By learning how to make friends, negotiate, share, cooperate and treat others with respect, they acquire the socialization skills they will need for their entire lives.

If kids are only interacting in structure settings - like schools and sports teams - they won’t learn everything that they need to know. The lack of rules and supervisors forces them to figure out these social rules by themselves through trial and error, which leads to a stronger development.

So encourage your kids to play together in parks, or in safe streets, and playgrounds. Watch the development of their interactions. It’s amazing to watch how they learn