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My Buddy Wheels Balance Bike 

My Buddy Wheels is unique and beautifully-designed balance bicycle for kids aged 2 that helps a child learn the skills needed for cycling by combining a balance bike with a soft cuddly friend to make the adventure more exciting and enticing for your child! 

Our three plush Buddy’s are every child’s cuddly friends, who’ll be with them every step of the way as they learn  the fundamental skills required for a lifetime of cycling.  My Buddy Wheels are washable and easily removable to be with your child whatever adventure they embark on!  

Whether it be climbing on to their friendly dinosaur or galloping along with their horse or unicorn, the My Buddy Wheels captures a toddlers' imagination like nothing else, and makes the traditionally scary task of learning to ride a bike an exciting experience.  

Let their imaginations go wild on their adventures with My Buddy Wheels. 

Plush Balance Bike

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    • 2 – 4 Years 

    • Max Rider Weight: 25kg/55lbs 

    • A detachable and easy-to-wash cuddly companion 

    • Adjustable handlebar with soft rubber grips 

    • Wheels with shock absorber for a smoother ride 

    • Steering limiter for increased safety 

    • Develops balance skills from an early age 

    • Promotes the development of the imagination 

    • Lightweight and sturdy frame 

    • Adjustable handlebar and seat that grows with your child 

    • Ergonomic handlebar with comfortable grips 

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