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We designed a 4-in-1 trike that changes alongside your child’s development. This allows them to cruise around on the stability of three wheels before finding their feet on a two-wheeled balance bike for toddlers.  
Simply ‘twist and flip’ to transform this trike for kids into a two-wheeled balance bike, take off the pedals and it’s ready to go! Adjustable handlebar and seat. The Four Ways to Ride the Y Velo Flippa: 

  • 1. The Y Velo Flippa push trike mode provides easy steering so that you can guide them as they find their feet and get used to the feeling of riding a Flippa tricycle. 

  • 2. Help your kids practice their skills and turn them into little racers. A trike will give them the comfort of three wheels while allowing them to gain confidence and the steering skills that will follow them throughout their future bike riding days. 


  • 3. Turn the Tlippa tricycle into a balance bike with push handle. By folding the back two wheels together and reinserting the parent’s handle, you’ll help your children progress from tricycle to bicycle with the confidence that mum or dad are there to keep them steady.


  • 4. Finally, when your little ones have gained more confidence, remove the parent’s handle and turn the Y Velo Flippa into a balance bike so your children can progress to the next bike riding step. 


Main features: 

  • Age: +2 years 
  • Size (L x W x H): 29.9 x 20 x 23 inches 
  • Weight: 11lbs 
  • Min height: 14 inches 
  • Max height: 16 inches 
  • Max rider weigh: 55lbs 

Flippa 4N1 Green

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Color: Green
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