Are you guys familiar with the term "Executive functions"?

It refers to the skills that assist us in planning, prioritizing, troubleshooting, negotiating and multitasking, all important key skills that help us everyday, from mundane tasks to work situations.

Turns out that a good way to develop these skills, which are very much boosted by the use of creativity, is to allow children to have unstructured time!

All these skills are ones that need to be learned, but most important, they need to be practiced! By having time alone and with other kids, and to be allowed and encouraged to create their own games and fun, they learn to figure things out by themselves, and find and develop activities that amuses them.

Being in the outdoors allows children to have an outlet to develop these executive functions! Besides, it is definitely something they'll appreciate later on in life when their future boss hands over three assignments to complete at the same time, while asking them to also train a newcomer and figure out a brand new company strategy.