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Fliker A3 Blue

average rating is 4 out of 5

Buckle up for a mega ride with the Fliker A3 – the go-to choice for thrill-seekers! Designed for mastering cool tricks and impressing friends, this scooter is loaded with fun features. With smooth-rolling wheels and quick brakes, safety and excitement go hand in hand on the Fliker A3!

Fliker A3 Blue drift scooter
Yvolution a3 fliker in purple


Get ready to ignite excitement and adventure with the Fliker A3 drift scooter by Yvolution. With its focus on safety and high-performance features, it's the perfect choice for young riders seeking endless thrills on the streets!

The latest rendition of the Original Fliker Air Range, now designed for young adventurers aged 7 years and up! Featuring vibrant colors, a lightweight frame, and improved footplates for enhanced control, this drift scooter offers the perfect blend of style and performance.

Equipped with caster wheels specifically tailored for drifting, the wiggle-scooter Fliker A3 delivers an exhilarating ride like no other. Its sturdy construction and reliable braking system ensure safety while mastering sharp turns and executing cool tricks.

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